3 Different Career Paths To Take With A Degree In Native American Studies

If you have a degree in Native American Studies, there are several different career paths that you can take. Here are three different career paths that you may want to consider. 


A very common and very rewarding career path that you could take with your degree would be to come a teacher. This could be at the high school level or college level, depending on your desire and your level of education. Because you are passionate about Native American studies, you will likely do a great job of teaching this subject. Your students will see how excited you are about the content, and you will likely take a great deal of time creating lessons that are going to be very interesting and very informative for your students. You may even spark in them the same love that you have for Native American studies, and they may want to pursue a degree and future career in this area as well.


Another awesome career path to take with a degree in Native American Studies is to become a historian. If you enjoyed learning and researching about the Native American people while you were in school, then you will love doing this as a career. You will be able to spend your time studying the entire history of the Native American people, and you can emphasize certain areas that you find the most interesting. You will find out a great deal of incredible information, and this information will be documented or otherwise recorded for future use in a variety of different fields and studies. 

Cross-Cultural Communications Specialist 

As you study and learn more about the Native American people, you are likely going to grow to love them and appreciate them as a people. You will also learn a great deal about their culture and how and why they do certain things, what certain things mean to them, etc. As a side effect of this, you may find that you would really enjoy a career working with Native Americans. One very important job that you could do would involve cross-cultural communications. This would involve working with different companies that have hired employees from a broad range of backgrounds. You would specifically work with the Native American employees to help bridge any communication gaps that may arise, thus helping things flow better for the business and also to help ensure the Native American employees have a good experience.