How The Military Can Finance Your Higher Education

If you are in the military or have family members that have served in the military, the government wants to finance your education. If you are not completely sure of the benefits and which ones you can access, here is a rundown of what is available to you so that you can fulfill your educational dreams.

Veterans Educational Assistance Program

You can contribute to your college fund from your military pay, and the government will match your contributions. You can use the funds at any time to pursue any kind of educational program you would like. Many in the military have used this offer to pursue first degrees, apprenticeship programs, and vocational flight training. There are many other training options available; it is up to you which ones you choose.

Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance Program

If you are the child or spouse of a military veteran who is disabled or has died in service, then you are entitled to educational assistance. This courtesy is also extended to relatives of servicemen who are missing in action or who have been captured in the line of duty.

Tuition for Service

The military is always looking for people to serve and it is always willing to fund your education in exchange for this. There are two programs that you can take advantage of. You can earn your tuition while you serve or you can have your tuition paid in exchange for service once you have finished studying.

Take Advantage of Service Academies

Each area of the service has a military academy which offers military personnel a college degree. You receive full tuition or a full scholarship along with a small stipend every month. When you graduate from the military service school, you will be a commissioned officer in the military. Needless to say, admission to this program is very competitive. Your best bet for getting in is to get good grades in high school and making sure that you apply early. This program is available for those whose relatives have served in the military as well as those who will be first generation service men and women.

Getting a college education can be very expensive. The spiraling cost of tuition fees can make higher education seem impossible for many. If you are interested in serving your country or have had family members who have done some, you should take advantage of the opportunities the military provides.

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